What do I need to prepare to operate my Custom Crafted Wall Fountain?

A 120 Volt 15amp power source with a recessed / clock receptacle is the only requirement you need to operate the fountain. There are no electrical or extension cords exposed from the fountain. Our fountains are mounted tightly against the wall and we ensure a safe and secure installation. The installation of the power receptacle is the customer’s responsibility and the service should be easily performed by a qualified and licensed Electrician. Details regarding the necessary receptacle location for your fountain will be provided during the ordering process. As an additional option our fountains can be built with a Float Valve. A Float Valve can be mounted to your fountain in the event you wish to connect a water supply line to self fill the fountain (3/4 inch water line required). A Shut On/Off valve will be required at a remote location. The installation of the Shut On/Off valve is the customer’s responsibility. Also as an addition, our fountains can be equipped with an eternal drain pump that will drain the water out from the trough. The drain pump will require a separate wall switch. The installation of the wall switch is the customer’s responsibility and the service should be easily performed by a qualified and licensed Electrician.

When I order my Custom Crafted Wall Fountain when can I expect to have it installed?

Our fountains take approximately six weeks from order to installation, including; local fabrication, metal finishing, stone finishing, assembly, and installation, assuming in-stock stone or glass is selected. From the initial consultation to the final installation we will ensure your experience is a pleasurable one.

Do I need to reinforce my wall to accommodate a Custom Crafted Wall Fountain? Is the installation process complicated?

No. The installation process uses the existing wall studs for mounting the fountain. Over the past eight years we have perfected our installation process. A typical installation can be completed within a few hours.

Will my Custom Crafted Wall Fountain be expensive to operate?

Our fountains come with high energy efficient Halogen and LED lighting that is very cost effective to operate. All of our pumps are high energy efficient equipment with low operating costs as well. Based on our experience, continual operation may add a nominal amount to your electrical energy bill.

Is the Custom Crafted Wall Fountain pump noisy?

No. Each Custom Crafted Wall Fountain has been constructed to reduce noise. Each component of a Fountain Creations water feature has been carefully selected for its suitability and reliability. Our pumps have been chosen for their quiet operation, reliable performance and economic cost of operation.

How long will the pump last?

Unfortunately pumps do not last forever when they are in continuous use. However with proper maintenance our experience indicates the life of our pumps to be 3 – 5 years on average. Replacement pumps when necessary are available through Fountain Creations.

Can I pick the stone for my Custom Crafted Wall Fountain?

Each fountain is unique with a diversity of color and stone texture. No two pieces are alike. Colour variations, pitting, and micro cracks are natural characteristics of the stone. Together, we conceptualize and create a beautifully engineered work of art. A natural 3/4″ thick slab stone can be selected with you to match your decor. We have a beautiful selection of natural stone; the choices available are dependent on fountain size.

What type of finish is available for my Custom Crafted Wall Fountain?

All fountains (except glass) start with a flat sheet of stainless steel metal to prevent any rusting and are custom built to the precise performance and specifications of the client. Our wall fountain metals come in a variety of finishes; Stainless Steel, Copper Patina and a variety of powder coated styles.

Will I need to be concerned about the fountain leaking water?

Our Custom Crafted Wall Fountains are made with Stainless Steel that is welded together. There is no drain hole and therefore no opportunity to leak from the reservoir. In a self-contained unit that recycles water in its own receptacle it can even be installed over furniture and hardwood.

Are there health benefits by installing a Custom Crafted Wall Fountain?

Quite simply…a waterfall is the most beautiful air cleaning system available. High quality homes and buildings are constructed so air tight today that not only do they keep the bad stuff out, they also keep even more bad stuff in. In fact as communicated by Health Canada, the EPA and the WHO, Indoor Air Quality continues to be a critical issue and findings show that it can be several times more polluted than outdoor air. Poor air quality is medically proven to be the cause of allergies, asthma and other illnesses. The number of people affected continues to grow. More than 2.3 Million Canadians have been diagnosed as being asthmatic by Physicians. Canadians spend 90% of their lives indoors. Most people, however, are unaware of the effects that poor indoor air quality can have on their health. We breathe in 18,000 litres of air a day that may be contaminated with uninvited guests like pollen, mould, fungi, bacteria, viruses, dust and mites. Other contaminants are self-contributed like tobacco, wood or cooking smoke, pet dander, insecticides, toxins emitted from personal care products or household cleaners. All of us have the ability to control the quality of our own indoor air. Nature uses negative ions to remove airborne contaminants. In nature, negative ions are generated by processes such as sunlight, lightening, waves from the ocean, and from waterfalls. It is a scientific fact that negative ions are capable of removing even the finest particles from the air. The beneficial purpose of negative ions is still met with quite a bit of skepticism Much of our product is still sold for its beauty and the “tranquil atmosphere” indoor waterfalls create. If we position our product for it’s health benefits we risk the same disbelief that people originally had towards chiropractors, acupuncture therapy, organic or natural products and herbal remedies. Despite all of this there is a growing awareness and acceptance from businesses and homeowners alike who are looking for ways to improve indoor air quality through the addition of negative ions and the removal of airborne contaminants in various ways. It is only a matter of time before the general population becomes aware of the benefits of negative ions.

What do I need to prepare to operate my Indoor Bio-Fuel Fireplace?

AccordionNothing, except perhaps decide where you would like to use it. Unlike the traditional fire place, the Bio-Flame is movable, more like a piece of furniture, which is convenient when redesigning a space. After unpacking your new fireplace, and following the detailed, easy to use instructions, you will be enjoying a fire in less than 15 minutes. There is no need for venting, chimneys or flues, as there are no harmful inhalants to dispose of. Content

What is Bio-Fuel?

Derived from common crops such as sugar cane and corn, it is an increasingly common alternative energy source. Thermal output is 13,000 BTU (3.5Kw/h) which is capable of heating 400 sq ft. When using this renewable green energy, there are no harmful gases or smoke released when burning, no ashes or soot to clean up, and best of all, you are not feeding the global oil crisis.


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