Fountain Care Package

The Five Simple Steps to maintaining your water feature!

  1. Remove the decorative river rocks and soak them in a bucket of hot water, then remove the cover plate.
  2. Drain the water with a shop vac or similar method. If present, remove and clean any foam pad(s) as well.
  3. Using a cloth or sponge, wipe down the inside of the feature’s basin, the cover plate, and the pump(s).
  4. Wipe the glass, stone, or other surface that the water is running on, as well as the stainless steel frame.
  5. Refill the feature with fresh water, preferably distilled water – the plan is to minimize minerals.


Everything you need to know about your water feature:

As water runs along the path of least resistance, you may find that it’s necessary to sheet the feature to aid the water in its natural flow to cover the entire surface of the stone. The term sheet in this scenario just means to use a tool, or your fingers, to help the water catch on the surface of the stone where it hasn’t yet. This may be necessary due to the nature of the stone, small mineral deposits that build up over time, and even dust particles, causing the water to flow around and down an easier path.

The water is evaporating all the time. When the fountain is off, the water is mostly contained from the outside environment, most of the evaporation happens when the fountain is on while there is a thin surface area of exposed moving water. It’s important that if your feature is not connected to a water line, to top it up every other day to your desired level. Ensure that while filling the feature with water, the water level does not exceed the decorative river rocks in the front; or, if it’s a freestanding unit with an opening in the side of the basin for power chords, make sure that the water does not exceed that opening. The water level must be above the pumps while the feature is on so that the pumps are submerged, the pumps will quickly malfunction while running in a dry environment – under perfect conditions they should last up to five years. Occasionally water may drip over the side of the base, and if that happens it’s recommended to wipe those drips sooner than later to avoid any “water marks”, which are simply the minerals left over as water evaporates.

Both water quality and air quality play a role in how often maintenance may be required. For example, tap water generally has a lot of minerals and will lead to mineral deposits forming, while the air may hold plant and dust particles that build up over time. The only cleaning products we recommend are LIME-A-WAY® for inside the basin and on the stone, and Zep Commercial® Stainless Steel Polish for the stainless steel frame. We are not affiliated with any of the cleaning products that we recommend. Do not apply any chemicals directly into the water. Please drain any liquids and clean thoroughly before refilling the basin. You may add an aroma by adding Tea Tree Oil, which has antibacterial properties, or other essential oils at your discretion.

It’s recommended to turn off the feature while you aren’t using it; and, if you plan to leave the feature unattended for more than a week, we also recommend draining the water. If your feature is connected to a water line, we recommend monitoring the water level and shutting off the water line if you experience anything unusual. If your feature is located outside, when the temperature is near or below freezing, we recommend that you cover the basin with a tarp and drain the water to lower the possibility of ice damage.
We will walk you through regular maintenance on your feature after delivery. The maintenance process can be performed in “five simple steps” (as shown below), which we recommend going through quarterly (every three months). For our wall-mounted features, we offer an exclusive advanced service which includes a more thorough approach – for safety reasons we do not recommend tampering. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us so that we may better serve you.

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