Custom Features

Customization Our clients have the ability to customize their beautiful fountain. From glass partitions separating rooms to unique themes, sizes, or locations. Fountain Creations & Wellness can made your vision become a reality. Complimentary Estimate We are pleased to offer our customers a complimentary estimate. Contact us to arrange an appointment, we welcome and look […]

FCW Collection

Fountain Creations & Wellness is a successful manufacturer of custom exotic slate, granite and glass indoor wall fountains for homes and businesses across Canada. Felix Darius has been in the wall fountain business for over a decade and his water walls have proven superior with their uniform and controlled water coverage over the surface of […]

Outdoor Features

We offer a variety of outdoor features, some are only water and some also have a mixture of water and fire. The features that include fire are similar to our indoor fireplaces in that they also use biodegradable eco-fuel. Ordering & Installation This product requires up to 4 weeks for delivery. This product is plug-and-play, and requires no […]

Eco-Friendly Fireplaces

Fuelled by oil made from sugar and corn, this renewable resource is capable of heating a 400 square foot room with no harmful gasses or smoke released while burning. Admired for its European styling, the Bio-Flame features sleek, clean lines that embrace modern styles. Unlike the traditional fire place, the Bio-Flame is movable-more like a […]

Stillness Furniture

Description Bring more tranquility into your life with eco-friendly meditation furniture! We understand the journey isn’t necessarily easy, but it can be a little more comfortable. Ordering & Installation This product requires up to 2 weeks for delivery. This product is plug-and-play, and requires no expertise for installation.

Wellness Boutique

We have a variety of Wellness Boutique items, that range from Tabletop Fountains, premium Fountain Creations & Wellness branded tea, as well as a selection of natural soaps, all the way to hand crafted Singing Bowls and Prayer Wheels and hand crafted Tibetan Thangka Paintings by Tibetan artists. Take a look below to get a clearer vision as […]


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