About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide unique and high quality custom wall fountains for your home or business. Our vision is to bring wellness into every living space and workplace.

Desire For Excellence

Each Fountain Creations team member is driven by a professional desire for excellence and collaboration. Our success will be measured by the level of satisfaction that we achieve with our Residential Customers, our Corporate, Retail, Hospitality and Health Care Clients, and our Design Industry Partners.

Our Goals

We are focused on each of our goals:

  • Provide quality services and products.
  • Provide Informative and efficient services.
  • Offer competitive pricing.


Over a decade ago now, Felix Darius created a stunning indoor water wall feature for his home made with natural stone. It was so breathtaking that many of the people that saw it wanted one. An enviable position for sure.

Today Fountain Creations & Wellness leads the market across Canada, custom crafting wall fountains made of exotic slate, granite or glass for residential and commercial clients. Customer testimonials rave about the “wow” factor of the products they have purchased and the exceptional service they receive.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, waterfall features can also contribute to improved “indoor air quality” which continues to be one of the most critical issues being addressed by national and global health organizations today. For more information please see our Custom Crafted Wall Fountains product outline.

Seeing Is Believing

We would like to personally invite you to visit our new showroom in the Greater Toronto Area to view our gallery of operating models on display. Remote Locations are also available in both Calgary and Toronto for viewing at your convenience.

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