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Fountain Creations & Wellness crafts customized interior water fountains with innovation and distinction. We create fountains for commercial and residential use. We use the following principles when crafting our fountain designs: luxurious atmospheres, soothing the soul, and relaxing the mind and body while listening to the calming sound of water.

Every fountain we create is original and made to precise specifications. Our reputation for responsive service and using the highest quality exotic slate, granite, and travertine stone, is what separates us from the rest. We are committed to excellence, guaranteed craftsmanship, and a splatter free design that keeps us as the leader of our industry.

Our commitment to quality and passion for serenity allows Fountain Creations to deliver beautifully designed, custom indoor water fountains. Each fountain is uniquely crafted from the most exquisite materials, manufactured locally, and made to the exact measurements and specifications of each client. Together, we conceptualize and create a beautifully engineered work of art.

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